The following is Public Information, readily available on the Internet: Mr. Gregory Do Vico and/or his wife, Peggy Do Vico are the owners, members, trustees and/or corporate officer in several corporations and Limited Liability Companies. The following Corporate documents give us some insight: Southwest Fiduciary, Inc. Click for details Dovhart Investment Services, Inc. Click for details Statewide Community Services, Inc. Click for Details Statewide Community Services, LLC. Click for Details Arizona Fiduciaries Association, Inc. Click for Details PUTTER'S, LLC Click for Details KELTRICO, LLC Click for Details CRM PROPERTIES L.L.C. Click for Details CRX PROPERTIES L.L.C. Click for Details SOCIAL SECURITY SERVICES OF ARIZONA Click for Details 7147, L.L.C. Click for Details FRED THE DJ, LLC Click for Details AMERCO /NV/ Value as of 19 March 2008 in excess of 75 Million Dollars! Click for Details 1,424,473 Shares are held by Southwest Fiduciary, Inc., as trustee for the "C" Irrevocable Trusts dated December 20, 1982. Of the total shares, 337,426 shares are owned by the "C" Irrevocable Trust dated December 20, 1982 (James P. Shoen, Grantor); 527,604 shares are owned by the "C" Irrevocable Trust dated December 20, 1982 (Mark V. Shoen, Grantor); and 559,443 shares are owned by the "C" Irrevocable Trust dated December 20, 1982 (Edward J. Shoen, Grantor).
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From the Arizona Fiduciaries Association website, we find the following biographical information: (With all this fine experience, why the complaints?)

President and Chief Executive Officer Gregory P. DoVico Southwest Fiduciary, Inc.
An Arizona Certified Professional Fiduciary 13211 N. 103rd Ave., Suite #1 Sun City, AZ 85351 Tel: (623) 875-9973 Fax: (623) 875-9975 E-mail: Note: The address has recently changed: Office Address: Southwest Fiduciary Inc. 7147 North 59th Avenue Glendale, AZ 85301 "Gregory DoVico began his career in banking at First National Bank of Arizona (now Wells Fargo Bank) in 1969, while attending Arizona State University. Mr. DoVico worked through the ranks at the bank, starting as an outside collector. He culminated his banking career with First National Bank of Arizona in 1982 as Regional Vice President in charge of the Flagstaff, Arizona Region. After a short stint as the Chief Credit Office for Wells Fargo Credit Corporation in Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. DoVico became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Farmerís and Merchants Bank in Arizona. In 1990, Mr. DoVico left Farmerís and Merchants Bank and joined Valley National Bank of Arizona, heading up the Loan Adjustment Department; a ďde novaĒ department that had approximately one half billion dollars of assets under its control. Valley National Bank was later purchased by Bank One and Greg moved on to manage a law firm in Sun City, Arizona. There he gained experience in probate, estate planning, guardianship and conservatorship matters. Greg has attended the Supreme Courtís training for fiduciaries and is a certified and licensed private fiduciary in the State of Arizona. His other accolades include Associate member of the State Bar of Arizona and completion of the training as a Certified Registered Guardian with the National Guardianship Association. In addition, Greg is a member of the Arizona Fiduciary Association, holding many offices over the years, and is currently serving his second term as President. For the sake of brevity, many of Gregís accomplishments will not be cited. However, noteworthy is the fact that Greg is a 1987 graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington. Additionally, he has received numerous awards and recognition for community service ranging from reserve police work in Kingman and Mohave County, Arizona to serving as a member of the Governing Board for the Avondale School district. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Glendale Community College, teaching accounting and finance courses. In October of 1995, Greg established the firm of Southwest Fiduciary, Inc., a private fiduciary in the State of Arizona, serving the public and more than three hundred clients in a wide-range of capacities. His financial and legal background as well as his overall experience equips him to handle the multitude of duties and services to his clients including financial investments, forensic investigation, criminal and elder exploitation, and informed and appropriate decision making. Greg oversees his staff of twenty employees, eight of which are currently certified fiduciaries."